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Mehmood A Hayee is homeopathic consultant and an author. Based in the London, he has dealt with several chronic and acute cases from different parts of the world. From his early age, he gained interest in natural healing and slowly developed a passion for Homeopathy. He got his Diploma in Homeopathy from Pakistan, followed by treating thousands of patients in both free volunteer medical camps and private practice. He could strikingly combine the classical approach of homeopathy with quick remedies for acute conditions. Later in his practical career in Pakistan, he developed interest in conducting research in Homeopathic treatment. In 2006, he moved to the Netherlands, where he augmented his career by doing his Research Masters of Classical Homeopathy from Hahnemann Institute the Netherlands. His did his thesis on the topic “treatment of behavioral and psychological disorder through homeopathy”. He has spent last 15 years in conducting research on Homeopathy and attended dozens of seminars. From last couple of years, he runs his practice in the United Kingdom (London); where he is involved in treating both acute and chronic cases. Being an official member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH), he is an expert in family treatment. He is fascinated by the various methods of practicing homeopathy as well as the different ways of approaching the correct remedy. Furthermore, he is passionate lecturer and has given several talks in different homeopathic schools in the Netherlands. He found it very inspiring to have a fusion of different healing theories present in some great minds. He is also a founder of Homeopathy For Everyone mobile app. Besides being a homeopathic practitioner, he also has a keen interest in bodybuilding, traveling, religious studies, sciences in general and in psychology. He frequently writes articles in different journals and issues a health newsletter on a monthly basis. Moreover, he writes on his website about certain topics related to homeopathy (www.homeopathyforeveryone.com). In his free time, he enjoys himself with his energetic kids and other recreational family activities.