Prostate enlargement:

“I am 65 year old, I was suffering with prostate problem, my doctor advised me to go for the surgery but I know through my experience that Homeopathy works great on this kind of illness. Now after 5 months of homeopathic treatment, I am much much better than before. I want to continue with my treatment. Thank you Mehmood for helping me!” ~Kehya, Rotterdam, NL

“Many many thanks for your wonderful treatment. Indeed it has relieved of my prostate problem”.~Daud, Gouda, NL

Hay Fever:

“My symptoms were totally subside in just one week, unbelievable. And now I have passed whole month without any inhaler and steroid. Thanks… It surly helped me a lot. Thanks.” ~Ahmed, Den Haag, NL

“Dear Mehmood, thank you very much for sending me the remedy for my Hay Fever problem. It’s excellent and I’m so grateful to you to prescribe me such a wonderful remedy. Best wishes,”~Amjad, London, UK

Back Pain:

“I was almost a year on bed rest, and now I am 85% pain free with your treatment. I really want to thank you Mehmood. It is a miracle.” ~Mr. Rob, Amsterdam, NL

“I was suffering with back pain from years. I went to hospital and tried many other therapies. Then I tried homeopathy. My pain subsides in just 2 week and now I do not longer require painkillers. I can sleep at night and function just about normally during the day. Thank you Mehmood for giving me my life back!” ~Afanasy, Amsterdam, NL

“He is incredible! I can move, run, and exercise again. It is fantastic to know that I can do something positive to get rid of my pain. I threw out all of my pills.” ~Mrs. Tahir, Amsterdam, NL

“Ruim een half jaar ernstige rugklachten gehad. Op de MRI niets te zien. Na het 2e middel van Mehmood ging de pijn langzaam maar zeker weg. Nu een jaar zonder rugklachten.” ~ Karin, Gouda, NL

“de granules helpen wel tegen de rugpijn is wat beter geworden sinds het gebruik, ook de druppels werken goed ben wat rustiger geworden hierdoor. Dank je wel voor de goede medicijnen hoor.” ~ Jan, Heerenveen, NL


“Dear Mehmood, Would you believe that after 2 weeks of your remedy I am pain free. My sciatica is completely gone. I’m still in shock as to how fast homeopathy worked. Thank you so much.” ~Linda, Den Haag, NL

“Thank you so much for treating my sciatica pain. I’m myself a doctor and I was sceptical about homeopathy, but it really works. I’ve been tackling with my back pain watching it getting worse and worse for three years and by using homeopathy for the first time felt great relief.” ~ Pieter, Amsterdam, NL

Lower Back Pain:

“My back is much better. It is not grabbing or aggravating any more. I would say it is 80% better. I can now sit without the fear of getting up. It is great. I am so much happier”. ~ J. Rubin, Amsterdam, NL

“My pain is so much better. It has been really good! It is 98% better. I have actually had no pain since last week”. ~ Sophie, Den Haag, NL

“I have had no further back pain since I saw you. I am still playing sport. It is hard to believe that little pill has made these differences, but I am so glad it did. Thank you”. ~ R. Mohammad, Amsterdam, NL

“No more morphine, paracetamols, it is awesome. After a long time I can now move, sit, stand and walk. Thank You”. ~ M. Ahsan, London, UK

High Cholesterol:

“Homeopathy has made a profound difference in my health especially my heart and cholesterol issues. The benefits I now enjoy were not available to me through traditional medicine because it doesn’t treat the root cause of illness. I highly recommend this Mehmood and Homeopathy. I am now able to live life in a much fuller and deeper way”. ~ Ajitesh, Amsterdam

“I recently used your homeopathic remedy for my high cholesterol problem. When I began taking it my cholesterol count was 265 and in a very short time it has been lowered to 174. I have never found a remedy that was so safe and worked so well…I could not be happier. Thank You”. ~ Rafique, London, UK

Tonsillitis and Chronic cold:

“Mijn zoon die nu 4 jaar oud,had last van ontstoken amandelen, vocht in de oren en chronische verkoudheid. Door al deze kwalen had hij weinig eetlust. Ben op zoek gegaan naar een homeophaat die specifiek deze klachen kon behandelen. Na paar weken innemen van de homeophatie is mijn zoon beter. Hij eet weer en zijn verkoudheid is helemaal verdewenen. Ik kan homeophatie iedereen aanbevelen”. ~ Mother of Rehan (age: 4 years), Amsterdam, NL


“Het gaat wel beter met mij, denk ik. Ik ben vrolijker en het leven ziet er niet meer zo duister uit. Al-hamdu li Allaah! Ik doe weer sommige dingen, die ik lang niet gedaan heb, en heb ik meer energy”. ~ Mrs. M.Ahmad, Den Haag, NL

“Dear Mehmood, words cannot describe how appreciative I am of your wisdom, care, and patience with me during such a hard time. I am so grateful I found someone like you. Thank you so much.” ~ Mr. Dennis, Birmingham, UK


“Zowel persoonlijk als bij mijn kinderen heb ik prachtige resultaten gezien van homeopathie. Mijn dochter had last van Astma de homeophatie heeft haar leven veranderd. Zij kan gewoon dingen doen die zij voorheen kon dromen. De homeophatie werkt  snel en doeltreffend, maar ook bij dieper liggende klachten kan veel bereikt worden.” ~ Mother of Sharon (age: 7 years), Amsterdam, NL

Concentration problem in Children:

“Mijn klein zoon had last van concentratiestoornis. Wij zijn verbaasd van de resultaat…zijn concentratievermogen is beter geworden. Wij zijn dankbaar van onze homeophaat die zorgvuldig onze klein zoon heeft geholpen.” ~ Father of Jozef (age: 5 years), Diemen, NL

Season Flu:

“Mehmood is our family homeopath and our whole family is using homeopathy. My kids have been using it for years rather than the flu shot or any anti-biotic (which is full of side effect) and I have been extremely happy with the results”. ~ Mrs. Ikhtar – U.K 

“I am a mother of 3 children. At the start of every season my children used to get flu, sore throat and fever. But after switching to homeopathy. I am amazed with its results. My children have not had a cold or fever since they started using Homeopathy! Now every child in my family members catches the flu except my own children since they use Homeopathy. Thanks Mehmood”. ~ Mrs. Jamshid – NL


“Thank you so much Mehmood for changing my life. Since the accidental death of my husband, I suffered with migraines; at least 2 times a week especially on weekends and I had an overall feeling of fatigue. Within three months of treatment my headaches were disappeared and I am far less fatigued”. ~ Mrs. Anish – U.K

Kidney stone:

“Mehmood I have only one word: may God bless you”. ~ Mr. Baqir – Amstelveen

Panic attacks:

“I had a lifelong problem with anxiety; I was obsessive and had panic attacks. Within a few weeks of taking the remedy Mehmood prescribed, I see profound change in my physical, mental and emotionally health”. ~ Mrs. S. Kumar – Amstelveen

Chronic fatigue syndrome:

“I just would like to say that since I took your remedy, my energy level has been changed; now I am more energetic. I used to be very very tired all the day especially after work in the evenings, but since taking your remedy I just keep going and going and do not feel tired like the way I am used to feeling in the past”. ~ Mr. A. James – London


“I am feeling much better, no tiredness, no breathing problems anymore. I am working like as I used to work 12 years ago. No more gout pain. My stomach pain is also gone. From my last visit I haven’t got any nose bleeding”. ~ Mr. Y. Ahmad – London

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