About Mehmood

My name is Mehmood Abdul Hayee, originally from the orient where natural healing remedies play a prominent role, from an early age I chose to study and practice of homeopathy. I have spent the last 10 years in researching, studying and treatment of acute and chronic diseases and has personally helped thousands of sufferers. This vast clinical experience of treating a number of complicated diseases is a unique experience for me. I have done my research master in “treatment of behavioural and psychological disorder through homeopathy” from Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands. I run my practice London (United Kingdom); where I am involved in treating different chronic illness. I have a privilege to treat thousands of cases worldwide of various chronic diseases that people dread of. I am experienced in acute and chronic illnesses. Family treatment is one of my specialties. I am an author of two books and had given several lectures in different homeopathic schools in the Netherlands.

I am always fascinated by the various methods of practicing homeopathy as well as the different ways of approaching the correct remedy. It is said that knowledge increases by sharing; and so it did when I came in contact with different Homeopaths from around the world during different seminars and conferences. It is always inspiring to have a fusion of different healing theories present in some great mind.

My Training

I got my initial training at Capital Homeopathic Medical College Islamabad, Pakistan. After graduation I started my Homeopathic practice. Besides getting some fantastic results from my prescribed remedies, I got several opportunities to understand different mental, spiritual and physical states of people. I completed my Masters diploma in Homeopathy at The Hahnemann Institute the Netherlands and since 2009 I have started my own Homeopathic practice in the Netherlands. In 2016 I started my practice in London (United Kingdom). I am delighted to combine my hand on experience to understand the problems faced by my patients and use my knowledge to providing remedies. I believe in delivering the best possible patient care. My first priority is to deliver my professional responsibilities with competency, honesty and integrity.

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